Leadership Developement Grant

Leadership Development Grant with the Wettenhall Environment Trust

Mirinda Thorpe

March 2018

In December 2017 (while in Zimbabwe), I contacted Elizabeth Mellick from the Wettenhall Environment Trust (previously the Norman Wettenhall Foundation) with enquiries about their Leadership Development Grant. After a positive response of encouragement from the Trust to apply for the grant to support my attendance at Desert Discovery this year and with approval from three members of Desert Discovery (Allen Hyde, Colleen Barnes and Mick Lumb), I submitted an application for the personal Leadership Development Grant, accompanied by two references from Colleen Barnes and Clive Crouch.

The application included aims to undertake further trap comparisons between Elliott aluminium traps and Crouch wooden traps and developing a consistent data collection method with the Desert Discovery Fauna team. On the 2ndof March I was informed that the Leadership Development Grant application of $5000 with the Trust was successful. The success of this grant provides the opportunity for me to attend Desert Discovery this year. It will also include the purchase of another 25 Elliott style traps for use on Desert Discovery ($1000), Undertaking Wilderness First Aid training ($650) and covering expenses involved in attending Desert Discovery (vehicle expenses, fuel, food, accommodation etc.). This fortunate opportunity means I am able to contribute to the fauna team again this year, while further developing my skills in fauna surveying. Fauna monitoring is one measure of ecosystem health, which I would like to incorporate into my current and future work of revegetation/restoration and threatened species monitoring/management.

With a positive response from the Wettenhall Environment Trust of the work undertaken by Desert Discovery I believe it possible for the group to consider future funding opportunities through various organisations, groups, departments and businesses. Funding may assist with the purchase of necessary equipment, sponsorship of students or early career individuals to attend Desert Discovery and subsidies for longer term Desert Discovery attendees who commit much personal time to planning expeditions.

For more information and other grants available see: the Wettenhall Environment Trust at: https://wettenhall.org.au/

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