The Logistics Team is one of the most important teams in DD.

The crucial factor for the Desert Discovery Project to be viable is water!

Once the recce team have established a site for good water, then the Logistics Team start to look at how they will set up the camp. This is mostly done once they have reached the Project Site.

Every year they maintain a trailer full of equipment, making sure everything in it is working and restocking it, all the while insuring it remains within legal limits.

The plant consists of a tandem trailer, neatly pack and stocked with everything the camp needs to survive in the remote areas we survey, for up to 3 weeks.

It contains 3 toilet tents and thunderboxes, 2 double showers, a 200 litre drum used as a donkey to heat water, a tank stand, a 700 litre overhead water tank storage, bore pump, water bladder, lots of poly pipe, wooden pallets (for shower bases), tables, chairs, tarps, 2 generators, fuel, and marquee (approx 12m x 8m).

They then travel to the Project Site, pulling a very laden but legal trailer, arriving before the participants to set up toilets etc., connect all the water and keep things running smoothly throughout the project for the participants to be able to keep doing their surveys.

At the end of the Project, they pull it all down, pack it back in the trailer and head home to WA for a well-earned rest.

The Logistic Team appreciates all who help them set up and pull down.