For Desert Discovery’s projects, the bird survey team provides information about the birds in the project region. Bird surveys are systematic and allow for a snapshot for the project period. Typically, the team is the most mobile of the biological survey groups in any project, as it moves through the region doing as many geographically-spread surveys as possible. Each vehicle in the group has at least one competent bird observer.

Observers are able to identify all or most of the birds they see or hear, work with agreed survey methods, and are able to fit in with the Desert Discovery organisation and project ‘ethos’ and safety requirements. Team members also have an inherent interest in the desert, respect for and willingness to work with our Aboriginal hosts, an appropriate vehicle and the ability to enjoy travel in remote areas, time to commit to the project, and enjoy working within groups.

It is truly a team effort and there is not much room for the rugged individualist or solo desert traveler! It’s the team leader’s job to ensure the survey work gets done to a high standard and that all the group members enjoy the experience of doing bird surveys in the desert.