Desert Discovery Inc., being a non-profit voluntary incorporated association, operates under a set of Rules registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

At each Annual General Meeting the members of Desert Discovery elect a “committee of management” to control and manage the affairs of the association. This committee consists of three office bearers, the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer and three ordinary members.

A major activity of Desert Discovery is our biennial Project where, having selected a remote location, we undertake flora and fauna surveys, generally with the involvement of Traditional Owners and Rangers. Natural Sciences students are encouraged to participate in the field research at each project to provide them with practical experience to enhance their studies.

As we operate in very remote areas, the welfare and safety of all who attend the project is of principle concern to the management team. At each project, whilst the President maintains overall responsibility for all aspects of the project, assistance with the day-to-day running of the project is obtained from the committee and other interested members of the association at the Project.

Prior to the commencement of each Project, the Committee, aided by many other members, will have put in place all things necessary to ensure the health and safety of participants, the appropriate organisation, and marshalled the necessary equipment and facilities to make the Project a success.